Sick again?

It is that time of year when colds and flus start popping up with sick kids in schools and colleagues coughing in the office. Each year Americans suffer from one billion colds, making the cold virus the most common infectious disease in the U.S.

Typically adults have two colds each year, while children may have up to 12!

Our body’s immune system is a natural and powerful defense team against internal rogue cells and potentially harmful invaders – detrimental bacteria and viruses.  So, when our defenses are down, i.e. our immune system is not getting the rest and the nourishment of specific enzymes and nutrients, we are more fragile and susceptible to colds and flu.

If you find you’re almost always well, then good news – your immune system is working effectively! Just because you are exposed to the cold virus does not mean you’ll catch the cold.  If your immune system is working at its best it should be quite easy for you to fend off the virus without ever getting sick.

On the other hand, today’s average diet and stressful lifestyle can deplete a body of the vital raw material that it needs to do its job, weakening the immune system and potentially leading to illness.  Common contributing factors are:

  • Eating too much sugar
  • Not getting enough rest
  • Using insufficient strategies to address emotional stressors
  • Vitamin D and immune system support deficiencies (see below)

Fortunately, there are things we can do to strengthen and support our body’s immune system, so we’re less likely to develop a cold or at least not suffer so long.

Preventative Tips

Washing your hands is the #1 prevention for cold and flu!   When we touch our mouth, eyes, or nose after touching door handles, gas pumps, shaking hands, shared pens, etc. we could be setting ourselves up for the sniffles.  Cold viruses can live on objects up to three hours! Natural hand sanitizers can help keep hands clean, too.

Vitamin D  

Preliminary research has shown Vitamin D deficiencies are common – especially during the colder months.  Vitamin D is an amazingly effective antimicrobial agent, producing 200 to 300 different antimicrobial agents to that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Best source of Vitamin D is sun exposure!  If you don’t have access to natural sunlight, then oral vitamin D3 supplements are a good secondary option.

Barley Grass

Green Magma

Japanese researchers have proven that young barley grass juice functions to activate macrophageswhich control the immune system.  Studies show an increase in macrophages as well as nitric oxide when individuals are given young barley grass juice vs. those that went without.  One Green Magma fan, Eric vanTuyl, attests that he has been cold and flu-free for the past 3 years because of drinking Green Magma daily!

So when you’re coming down with a cold, it’s time to address all of the contributing factors immediately  — which includes modifying your diet in favor of foods and supplements like above that will strengthen your immune response — Dr. Mercola suggests good choices include:

  • Fermented foods such as raw kefir, kimchee, miso, pickles, sauerkraut, etc, which are rich in probiotics, or good bacteria. Scientific research shows that 80 percent of your immune system resides inside your digestive tract, so eating probiotic-rich foods, or taking a high-quality probiotic, will help support your immune system health.
  • Raw, organic eggs from free-ranging, preferably local, chickens
  • Coconuts and coconut oil
  • Locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • Mushrooms, especially Reishi, Shiitake, and Maitake, which contain beta glucans (which have immune-enhancing properties)
  • Garlic, a potent antimicrobial that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Ideally this should be in fresh form, eaten raw and crushed with a spoon just before eating.
  • Lemon juice is a natural bacteria-fighter that aids the immune system and improves digestion.  Upon waking in water, tea, or your Green Magma shake for breakfast!

And of course, getting your daily dose of Green Magma or Magma Plus to give your immune system the boost it needs to do its job naturally.  Your body will feel energized and supported on many levels, too.

Be well!

The Green Team





Halloween is just around the corner!  Join the fun and participate in Green Foods’ Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011!

Not just one, but three winners will be selected with a Grand Prize valuing $100 of Green Foods product, including a new product release yet to be announced on the market!

We will share all entries here on our blog as they are posted to our Facebook page and emailed to us directly at: contest@greenfoods.com

Be as WILD and CREATIVE as you’d like!


• The important thing is that you carve it yourself. Original carved pumpkins only (no generic stencil cut pumpkins, please).

• Your canvas must be a pumpkin or another form of squash.

• Bonus if you include Green Foods in the mix somehow

• One photo entry per person posted on Facebook and sent via email to: contest@greenfoods.com

• All entries to be submitted by 11:59 PST on Monday, October 31st.

Have FUN with it and GOOD LUCK!!

Chlorella is great for slowing down the aging process

Chlorella has so many beneficial qualities for the human body making it one of the most researched algae in the world.  It contains very high concentrations of chlorophyll (more per gram than any other plant), and offers high levels of protein, beta carotene, rich in essential B, A, C and E vitamins and rare trace minerals.

Its name is of Greek origin – “chloros” meaning green and “ella” meaning small.  It may be a tiny, single-celled organism, but it is an omnipotent superfood dynamo!

Even if you have a very healthy diet, it’s challenging to escape the toxins in the environment such as car emissions, lead in water or paint, cigarette smoke, restaurant foods or mercury in fish. Chlorella is a well-known, powerful detoxification aid for removing heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.) and other pesticides from the body.  Removing toxins from the body with powerful cleansers like chlorella helps us live longer. Why? Because toxins are a potent source of the free radicals which age us and cause disease.

Chlorella will purify your blood and cleanse your organs.

An incredible detoxifier!

It can be taken any time of the day, although the best is usually small doses throughout the day.

Japanese researchers claim that this green algae could reduce body-fat percentage and blood-glucose levels and help those who have type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer patients, fibromyalgia, hypertension, joint and tissue inflammation, and those with heart disease. Some claim that chlorella stimulates the growth of probiotic or friendly bacteria in our stomach, and due to its cell walls absorbing toxins within the intestine; it encourages proper function of the digestive tract.

Some additional benefits of chlorella include:

•  Boosts the immune system.

•  Eliminates chronic bad breath and body odor in just a few days.

•  Helps carry oxygen around the body and to the brain. Chlorella is often called a “Brain Food.”

•  Alkalizes and helps balance the body’s pH.

•  Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure

•  Helps in the proper digestion of food.

•  Energizes the body.

•  Increases cellular regeneration, which can slow aging process.

Green Foods’ Chlorella is USDA Certified Organic and grown in fresh water pools under direct sunlight.  We use a proprietary process to break the cell wall of the chlorella, so it is best absorbed into our bodies.

Currently, we are offering a special buy one get one free promotion               (while supplies last!).

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Keep shining and Be well!

The Green Team

We have been posting a number of delicious and energizing smoothie recipes on our Facebook page over the past couple of months and thought it high time we consolidate some of them in one place for our fans!

Vanilla, Chocolate & Unflavored

Our plant protein shake with Life’s DHA, True Vitality, is becoming increasingly popular with our customers because, 1) they love the smooth, creamy taste in flavors vanilla, chocolate or unflavored, and 2) It meets their criteria as it contains vegetarian protein, omega-3s, probiotics, enzymes, carbohydrates, greens, fiber and 100% of the RDA of the essential daily vitamins.  The ingredients were scientifically formulated to work synergistically to enhance protein digestion, promote healthy digestive flora, as well as support brain, eye, heart, and nervous system function.  It’s works as a wonderful meal supplement in shakes and smoothies!

In any of the recipes below, feel free to substitute water for the almond or coconut milk.  We find that almond and coconut milk give added texture and creaminess to our smoothies which is why they are preferred, but to each his or her own palate! Almond milk has approximately 40 calories, 3g of fat and 2g of carbs per 8oz serving.  Coconut milk has approximately 50 calories, 5g of fat and 1g of carbs per 8oz serving.

Blend each to a froth and add ice to your chilling preference.  Enjoy!

Purple Power Pick-Me-Up (x 10) Smoothie 

12oz acai juice

8oz almond milk

1c. wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1 banana

½ c. raspberries

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 serving True Vitality

1-3 dashes of cayenne powder (yup, spice it up and give your metabolism a kick!)

1 packet of stevia

RazzMatazz My Day Smoothie

1.5c. raspberries (fresh or frozen)

1c. almond milk

1c. water

1 serving True Vitality

1 serving Green Magma

1/2c. nonfat yogurt

2 Tbsp. agave nectar or honey

Monday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

1c. almond mild/coconut milk

1 c. water

1 banana

1 serving Magma Plus or Green Magma

1 serving True Vitality

2 Tbsp. chia seeds (optional endurance bonus!)

1 tsp. honey or agave

Dash of cinnamon

Hump Day Superfood Smoothie

With the work week half over, we offer this magma-tizing beverage without the caffeine!

1c. almond milk

1c. water

1/2 c. blueberries

1/2 banana

1 serving Green Magma

1 Tbsp. almond butter

1 Tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 serving True Vitality (chocolate makes it ultra choco-flavored!)

1 Tbsp. maca root powder

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

Vitamin C Packed, Flu-Busting Smoothie 

(Inspired from Dr. Oz – with a slight twist 😉

Juice of 2 oranges (or substitute 1c. orange juice and 1c. water)

1/2 cantaloupe

1 tomato

1c. strawberries

1/2c. blueberries

1 serving Carrot Essence

1 serving of True Vitality

Cherry Me to Sleep Smoothie

Cherries are one of the richest known sources of melatonin, the sleep hormone that recent studies have shown can also help reverse the effects of aging.  A nice smoothie for your after-yoga-evening work-out.

1c. tart cherry juice

1/2 banana

1/2c. almond milk

1 serving True Vitality

1/2c. nonfat yogurt

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

We received an enthusiastic email from a new fan of Green Foods, Vincenzo, who discovered our products recently.  For a company that has been in business over 30 years, we are fortunate to have loyal, long-time customers as well as new ones who are happy to have discovered us.  We asked him if we could share his email on our blog and he was happy to — thanks, Vincenzo!

And if any of you would like to share your stories like he did, please do!  You will be rewarded with a gift and our sincerest appreciation!  Send them to: tessa@greenfoods.com or post it to our comment section below.

Vincenzo’s letter:

My partner and I started using Green Foods two months ago and we are feeling great!  We started by taking Green Magma every morning, mixed with water and almost immediately our mood and energy was improved.  I no longer find my energy level  “crashing” in mid-morning and I’ve even been able to cut back on my coffee intake, as I no longer need it as much to wake up! Although my partner prefers the original Green Magma, lately I’ve switched to the Magma Plus, which has an extra touch of sweetness from all natural Stevia and so appeals to my sweet tooth while providing all the same benefits and more.  We’ve also started adding Chia seeds to salads and other foods and we really like the taste and texture they provide, not to mention all the added fiber, protein and fatty acids.

I do a lot of weight lifting and cardio daily at the gym and have been using protein shakes for years, but none of the products I’ve used before compare with True Vitality shakes! Not only do they give me an excellent source of protein, but all the additional vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s really contribute to excellent post-workout recovery.  All the protein shakes I’d used before, based on whey powder, always left a bad taste in my mouth and bad breath afterwards – not so with True Vitality!  The plant based protein leaves my mouth feeling and tasting clean and fresh. And that’s how Green Foods leaves you feeling too – healthy and fresh inside and out!  Thanks, Green Foods!

This is a great opportunity for us to express our gratitude to all of you – both new and old fans – who purchase our products online or from a national store like Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shoppe, or your local natural foods store like MOM’s Organic Market in Washington D.C. or Rainbow Grocery Co-op in San Francisco.  Every day we are very grateful you experience wonderful benefits from the work we do to create high-quality products to promote well-being on the planet.

We always look forward to hearing from you.  Keep shining!

Green Foods founder, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, did not consider barley grass to be a healing medicine or drug for the treatment of specific disorders at the beginning of his research which spanned a time period of about twenty years while he introduced Green Magma to the Japanese public.

Dr. Hagiwara soon discovered that young barley grass juice was one of the richest sources of the entire broad spectrum of nutrients required by man for cellular reparation and well-being. He was astonished at its power to improve hundreds of  health problems and complaints that had previously not responded to the conventional treatment.

Young barley grass juice contains 66 times more chlorophyll than spinach and is therefore one of the best natural sources of chlorophyll.  Dr. Hagiwara listed impressive cases of healing success, including the following:

  • A 17-year-old girl, who had suffered from asthma and frequent eczemas since childhood, took Green Magma for one month and her eczema disappeared and the asthma attacks became much less frequent.  After six months, she hardly had any more asthma attacks and her skin became smooth and toned.
  • A 60-year-old woman who had suffered from obesity and high blood pressure not only lost weight, and her shoulders which had been stiff, became more flexible and free of pain.
  • A 44-year-old woman had bad skin and a sallow color to her face.  After taking Green Magma, her skin became more vibrant with good circulation.
  • A 53-year-old man was frequently apathetic and exhausted.  What really bothered him was his sexual desire had also declined.  After six months of taking Green Magma, he regained his vitality, his abdominal fat melted away, and his sex life became normal once again.
  • A man of 60 suffered from a stomach ulcer.  After taking Green Magma for one month, his appetite increased, and the stomach ulcer healed.
  • A 55-year-old woman, who had been diagnosed as diabetic, cured her disease solely with natural foods and Green Magma.  She believed it is best to heal diabetes through a carefully controlled diet of natural, health-promoting foods.
  • A 35-year-old who had suffered from high blood pressure since the birth of her third baby had do stay in bed for 2 months after birth because she had intense headaches.  Her headaches disappeared within one month and her blood pressure decreased from 230/130 to 160/100 with Green Magma.

Since Dr. Hagiwara’s studies, we have received testimonials from thousands of regular customers of how the “magic green powder” has kept them free from doctors visits for years, helping them with better hair, skin and nails, increased energy levels, improved digestion, and fewer illnesses overall.  Very good indicators of good nutrition and a detoxified body!

We would love to hear from you as to how Green Magma, Magma Plus, or any of our other products have improved your health, vitality and overall well-being. Our primary mission is to help create a healthy, dis-ease free, peaceful world through the development of superior, high-integrity products.

Share your story here of 50 words or more and receive a special gift in the form of a Green Foods t-shirt or sample pack.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Keep shining!

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Our skin is a reflection of our inner health.  Clear, moist and glowing skin is the sign of good hydration and diet, whereas excessively dry or oily, scaly or blotchy skin may signify a poor diet.  There are many authorities that advocate the importance of food nutrients such as antioxidants, omega oils and anti-inflammatory compounds which is one of the reasons we see them showing up more and more in personal care products. Clearly, there is an interconnection between eating foods that maintain our overall well-being as well as healthy, radiant skin.

acerola berries

The list of nutrients that benefit skin is almost endless.  For one, Vitamin C helps build collagen, the framework between the tissues of our body. Poor intake of this vitamin can cause bruising, loss of skin strength and elasticity, and poor healing of cuts.  The small bright red acerola berry that is native to the West Indies and looks like a cherry, is one of the most potent sources of natural vitamin C and bioflavanoids known to scientists.

Over 200% of RDI of Vitamin A

We incorporate the juice of organic carrots and acerola berries in our Carrot Essence to create a power-packed natural source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), antioxidant drink that our fans love – especially during the warmer months when our skin needs the greatest protection from the sun.

One of the country’s top dermatologists, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, has been recommending Green Foods products like Green Magma to his patients for years to support them with numerous health benefits, including: enhanced metabolism, anti-inflammatory action, cellular regeneration, detox, and cardiovascular benefits.  In his latest best-selling book, Forever Young, he also emphasizes Green Magma as a great source of Vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone formation.

In addition to organic green foods, carrots and acerola berries, here are some other foods that contribute to radiant, beautiful skin:

Avocados:  Abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, supporting strong cell membranes; B-complex vitamins; lecithin, to protect cell walls; potassium; and anti-inflammatories that soothe and renew skin and tissue on a cellular level.

Green Tea:  Infused with age-defying antioxidants.  Minimally processed, it offers the most antioxidant polyphenols of all teas.  It also include a specific catechin believed to inhibit cancer as well as beautify the skin.

Blueberries:  With very high antioxidant phytonutrients, called anthocynanins, these little guys are shown to improve the integrity of collagen in skin and inhibit photoaging (sun damage) according to a study in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology.

Omega Oils:  Uncooked oils are teeming with benefits for our skin because many their nutrients aren’t damaged or destroyed by heat.  Foods rich with omegas include chia seeds; flax seeds and oil; olives and olive oil; walnuts; and pumpkin seed oil.

Raw Honey:  We have a beekeeper neighbor who brings us raw honey from her 36,000 bees.  It is not only heavenly to taste, but so nourishing for our skin with many vitamins and minerals such as antioxidant vitamins A, C and E; D and K for the skin; reparative B complex vitamins.  Also a wonderful way to help keep allergy symptoms at bay!

And finally, the key to ageless beauty is not just about drinking plenty of water, eating wholesome, natural foods and getting your Carrot Essence or Green Magma in each day.  It’s about maintaining a positive outlook with where you are right now – being kind and gentle with yourself and your body.  With intention and commitment we will all get to where we want to go, so let’s do it with a smile and enjoy the process.

Keep shining!  And enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July!!