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We have been posting a number of delicious and energizing smoothie recipes on our Facebook page over the past couple of months and thought it high time we consolidate some of them in one place for our fans!

Vanilla, Chocolate & Unflavored

Our plant protein shake with Life’s DHA, True Vitality, is becoming increasingly popular with our customers because, 1) they love the smooth, creamy taste in flavors vanilla, chocolate or unflavored, and 2) It meets their criteria as it contains vegetarian protein, omega-3s, probiotics, enzymes, carbohydrates, greens, fiber and 100% of the RDA of the essential daily vitamins.  The ingredients were scientifically formulated to work synergistically to enhance protein digestion, promote healthy digestive flora, as well as support brain, eye, heart, and nervous system function.  It’s works as a wonderful meal supplement in shakes and smoothies!

In any of the recipes below, feel free to substitute water for the almond or coconut milk.  We find that almond and coconut milk give added texture and creaminess to our smoothies which is why they are preferred, but to each his or her own palate! Almond milk has approximately 40 calories, 3g of fat and 2g of carbs per 8oz serving.  Coconut milk has approximately 50 calories, 5g of fat and 1g of carbs per 8oz serving.

Blend each to a froth and add ice to your chilling preference.  Enjoy!

Purple Power Pick-Me-Up (x 10) Smoothie 

12oz acai juice

8oz almond milk

1c. wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1 banana

½ c. raspberries

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 serving True Vitality

1-3 dashes of cayenne powder (yup, spice it up and give your metabolism a kick!)

1 packet of stevia

RazzMatazz My Day Smoothie

1.5c. raspberries (fresh or frozen)

1c. almond milk

1c. water

1 serving True Vitality

1 serving Green Magma

1/2c. nonfat yogurt

2 Tbsp. agave nectar or honey

Monday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

1c. almond mild/coconut milk

1 c. water

1 banana

1 serving Magma Plus or Green Magma

1 serving True Vitality

2 Tbsp. chia seeds (optional endurance bonus!)

1 tsp. honey or agave

Dash of cinnamon

Hump Day Superfood Smoothie

With the work week half over, we offer this magma-tizing beverage without the caffeine!

1c. almond milk

1c. water

1/2 c. blueberries

1/2 banana

1 serving Green Magma

1 Tbsp. almond butter

1 Tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 serving True Vitality (chocolate makes it ultra choco-flavored!)

1 Tbsp. maca root powder

2 Tbsp. chia seeds

Vitamin C Packed, Flu-Busting Smoothie 

(Inspired from Dr. Oz – with a slight twist 😉

Juice of 2 oranges (or substitute 1c. orange juice and 1c. water)

1/2 cantaloupe

1 tomato

1c. strawberries

1/2c. blueberries

1 serving Carrot Essence

1 serving of True Vitality

Cherry Me to Sleep Smoothie

Cherries are one of the richest known sources of melatonin, the sleep hormone that recent studies have shown can also help reverse the effects of aging.  A nice smoothie for your after-yoga-evening work-out.

1c. tart cherry juice

1/2 banana

1/2c. almond milk

1 serving True Vitality

1/2c. nonfat yogurt

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract


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We received an enthusiastic email from a new fan of Green Foods, Vincenzo, who discovered our products recently.  For a company that has been in business over 30 years, we are fortunate to have loyal, long-time customers as well as new ones who are happy to have discovered us.  We asked him if we could share his email on our blog and he was happy to — thanks, Vincenzo!

And if any of you would like to share your stories like he did, please do!  You will be rewarded with a gift and our sincerest appreciation!  Send them to: tessa@greenfoods.com or post it to our comment section below.

Vincenzo’s letter:

My partner and I started using Green Foods two months ago and we are feeling great!  We started by taking Green Magma every morning, mixed with water and almost immediately our mood and energy was improved.  I no longer find my energy level  “crashing” in mid-morning and I’ve even been able to cut back on my coffee intake, as I no longer need it as much to wake up! Although my partner prefers the original Green Magma, lately I’ve switched to the Magma Plus, which has an extra touch of sweetness from all natural Stevia and so appeals to my sweet tooth while providing all the same benefits and more.  We’ve also started adding Chia seeds to salads and other foods and we really like the taste and texture they provide, not to mention all the added fiber, protein and fatty acids.

I do a lot of weight lifting and cardio daily at the gym and have been using protein shakes for years, but none of the products I’ve used before compare with True Vitality shakes! Not only do they give me an excellent source of protein, but all the additional vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s really contribute to excellent post-workout recovery.  All the protein shakes I’d used before, based on whey powder, always left a bad taste in my mouth and bad breath afterwards – not so with True Vitality!  The plant based protein leaves my mouth feeling and tasting clean and fresh. And that’s how Green Foods leaves you feeling too – healthy and fresh inside and out!  Thanks, Green Foods!

This is a great opportunity for us to express our gratitude to all of you – both new and old fans – who purchase our products online or from a national store like Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shoppe, or your local natural foods store like MOM’s Organic Market in Washington D.C. or Rainbow Grocery Co-op in San Francisco.  Every day we are very grateful you experience wonderful benefits from the work we do to create high-quality products to promote well-being on the planet.

We always look forward to hearing from you.  Keep shining!

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