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We received a great email from dog rescuer and savior Miss Alli in South Carolina.  She had purchased some Barley Dog for some of her senior rescues and those suffering from malnutrition and skin diseases.  From Miss Alli herself:

Miss Alli’s Rescue used “Barley Dog” on several of our senior rescues. In a less than two weeks we saw great improvement with mobility and overall energy in each of the dogs. Alli, the Great Pyrenees, loves the taste of Barley Dog! We ran out for a couple of days and in order to get her to eat without the Barley Dog, we had to bribe her with canned food!  There are also several others that like to lick the bowl to try and get more Barley Dog leftovers.

We are happy to see our seniors with more energy and walking easier despite arthritis. We are so glad we decided to try Barley Dog and plan on keeping it a part of our rescue’s health plan for the animals!

Here’s a picture of Alli, Barley Dog’s # 1 fan.  Please leave a comment with pictures of your Barley Dog fan!


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